What are Allocations?

United Way of W. Ga. has the responsibility of allocating the funds it raises wisely, fairly and effectively.

Over the years the United Way has developed a basic process for allocating funds that has been constructed based on three fundamental principles:

  • Decisions about funding should be made by community volunteers.
  • Agency partners who receive funding must be fiscally accountable.
  • Funds should be awarded with fairness and impartiality.

Community involvement is vital to the allocations process. This ensures that all groups in West Georgia have the opportunity to participate directly, or be represented in the decision making process.

Panel Site Visits & Recommendations


Allocations Panels, made up of Board Members and volunteers, are assigned a partner agency for review, including criteria such as:

  • Program & Service
  • Physical Facility
  • Progress & Plans
  • Financial position including budget request

Following the site visits, each panel makes a recommendation to the Allocations Steering Committee. The committee then provides a final recommendation each March during the United Way of W. Ga. Board meeting.

Interested in getting involved?